Waddle Favorite Plush Elephant Baby Security Blanket Best Lovey Stuffed Animal Rattle Toy Nursery Decor Grey (Gray)


$ 15.95

ELEPHANT PLUSH RATTLE LOVIES: unisex plush animal for boys or girls is a 9" plush toy with a rattle in its belly. Each stuffed animal has a 12" x 12" soft security blanket attached. Select your favorite animal or match your nursery decor or crib bedding..,SHAKE ME: baby rattles help with cognitive development. During the first few months of life, your little one will track the sound with his or her eyes. At about 4 months, they will learn cause and effect by shaking the rattle. At about 8 months, they will learn object permanence and play hide and seek with the rattle and the security blanket. Right around their first birthday, imitating you and pretend playing with the rattle stuffy, and blankie.,SECURITY BLANKETS: blankie's are a transitional object that can help a baby feel safe and secure. Elephant baby blanket and security objects are used by infants and toddlers to relieve tension and anxiety. They are usually soft, cuddly things, like a blanket or fuzzy teddy bear. They are usually objects a baby can hold close to his nose and his mouth. Transitional objects can be referred to as a baby blankie, lovie, lovey, baby blanket, plushie, stuffy, stuffed animal, nana, wubby, or taggie.,STUFFED ANIMALS: are available in a grey elephant, green dinosaur, pink unicorn, brown monkey, yellow giraffe, black and white panda bear, navy puppy, light brown bear, white and pink bunny rabbit, and a purple cat.,BABY GIFT: Waddle and Friends is made in the same factory as many high-end baby boutique designer socks. Newborn rattle socks are a unique baby shower gift mom won't have. Waddle's fashion forward baby and infant accessories line includes rattle socks, bouncy animals, plush lovies, bath squirter toys , and an array of stylish accessories. Themed baby gift themes include sports, friendly plush animal, novelty gifts, and girlie girl baby gifts. Waddle and Friends makes cute affordable baby gifts.

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